equality & SPORT action plan

Led by ENGSO Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee

ENGSO has been a frontrunner in pushing for equality in and through sport for decades, building networks and projects, and organising events that promote equality and advocate for European sport policy that supports the efforts of the sports movement in reaching equality.

To ensure a strong commitment to reaching these objectives, the Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee was created as a hub of expertise on equality. The mission of EWS is to activate and inspire European sport organisations to act on equality, through active advocacy work, education and awareness-raising, strengthening cooperation with ENGSO member organisations and other sport bodies. EWS advocates that everyone can (should!) practise sport safely and freely by promoting opportunities in all levels and sectors of sport. Only by reaching equality, we can use the full potential in sport.

With the objective of accomplishing this mission, ENGSO initiated a new Sport and Equality Action Plan. This plan has several phases and will be implemented thanks to the joint effort of all ENGSO bodies and members led by EWS.

2024 Events

European Summit on Gender Equality and Diversity in Sport

The European Summit on Gender Equality and Diversity in Sport was held in Brussels, on 18 April 2024, organised by the ENGSO member Opes International within the framework of the project Sport and Equality which is co-founded by the European Commission. The main aim of the event was to coordinate the efforts in Europe in the field of gender equality and diversity in sport focusing on the implementation of the EU strategies on LGBTQI+ and gender equality.

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ENGSO Members Seminar on Equality and Sport

SESSION 1: Sport in the trending world – are we able to keep youth voices involved?

ENGSO Youth has been a leading example of involving youth voices in the decision making processes in the European Youth and Sport organisations. Nevertheless, the question remains – are we managing to reach the ones coming from vulnerable groups and ensure that youth voices are diversified from various groups preventing discrimination of all sports? 

Speaker: ENGSO Youth

SESSION 2: How is AI utilized in sports?

Through the keynote we will explore how artificial intelligence revolutionizes various aspects of the sport industry, from athletic performance, training, to fan engagement.

We will dive into how AI-driven analytics optimize player performance by analyzing vast datasets to uncover insights, enhance strategic decision-making, and prevent injuries. Additionally, we will cover the role of AI and how can be utilized to improve fan experiences through personalized content delivery, virtual reality, and interactive applications.

Speaker: Mounir Zok, CEO, N3XT Sports

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