Organisation and Good Governance

Funding, Sustainability, Good Governance, Safeguarding, Management, and Innovation

The functioning of grassroots sport relies on diverse funding sources. Volunteers are often the greatest asset of sports clubs and donate many working hours. Public funding, and funds generated by lottery and sports betting activities, provides earmarked funding and other funds that are available for free use. The solidarity mechanism within the European Sport Model is an important tool to ensure that a wide array of sports are being offered, also those with a lesser commercial potential, by redistributing revenues created by elite sports to benefit the grassroots sport.

Good governance projects have achieved reassuring results when intrinsically motivated and conducted by the sports movement itself. Sports and their structures vary from country to country, and thus there are no generalisable solutions but purposeful practices acknowledging the sports and country’s specificities.

Online courses and manuals

Manage Modern Club 2

How to manage a sport club

You will gain knowledge on how to modernise your sports club, gain new members, improve the economy and financial aspects, communicate, and more. Designed by CHAMP project.

Published: 2021
Score All 17

Score all 17 manual

Score All 17 is a product of the Sport for Sustainable Development (SSD) Erasmus+ projectand a transcontinental initiative between 5 partners from 3 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe). Coordinated by ENGSO Youth.

Published: 2020
Sustainable Sport Events

Sustainable local sports events

Sport organisations are increasingly aware of environmental sustainability when organising their events due to their potential to damage the environment. Designed by ENGSO Youth.

Published: 2021


Change Research Image
Research: Challenges and change readiness
in grassroots sport

Innovation and change management in sport.

Published: 2023
Change Research Image 2
Podcast: Challenges and change readiness
in grassroots sport

Innovation and change management in sport.

Published: 2024
Position On Sustainability
Position paper on sustainability

Sustainability is something that individuals, companies, governments and also sport organisations have to consider.

Published: 2022
Skills For Youth Through Sport (2)
Position on European Sport Model

The focus is on the bottom part of the pyramidal structure – the grassroots sport movement.

Published: 2023
Eysp Conclusions
EYSP 2023 Conclusions paper

The document puts forward the voices and ideas of the young participants in a set of recommendations.

Published: 2023
Sport, Ai And Technology
Digital technologies & AI in grassroots

Opinions on the digitisation of the sports industry differ. Threat or opportunity?

Published: 2022


Change Project Preview 2


The CHANGE project will contribute to the promotion of integrity and values in sport by focusing on promoting and improving good governance in sport.

Ssd Project


Sport for Sustainable Development project was a collaboration between 5 partners from 3 continents: Europe, Africa and Asia:

Champ Project Preview


CHAMP project aimed to give the sports movement innovative tools and education for modernisation. The main output was the online course.