Societal Role of Sport

Youth, Education and Employment, Volunteering, Accessibility and Psycho-social Health

Sport breaks down barriers and builds bridges where boundaries usually exist. As such, sport is un- derpinned by the respect of fundamental values, such as Human Rights, democracy, solidarity, social inclusion, development of youth, rights of the child, and education in and through sport.

Moreover, sport and physical activity have well-documented effects on the individual in terms of physical, psycho-social, and mental well-being, and additionally being recognised for their impact on communities and society at large, with regard to e.g. public health, social inclusion, and education.

Online courses and manuals

Youth integrity toolkit

How to become a Youth Integrity Ambassador? Toolkit developed by the outh Integrity Ambassadors Programme (YIAP) project.

Published: 2024

Human Rights Education

Playful and meaningful non-formal education physical activities and exercises. Designed by ENGSO Youth through Human Rights Education through Sport programme.

Published: 2020

SK4YS toolkit

Raise awareness on the transferable skills that sport-based educational activities can develop for young people. Design by ENGSO Youth through SK4YS project.

Published: 2018

Sport coaching for mental well-being

Designed for sport coaches and sport clubs who wish to improve their knowledge on the topic of mental well-being and inclusion of athletes in grassroots sport. Designed by SPIRIT project.

Published: 2022


Sport as a human right

This position paper highlights the impact grassroots sport initiatives can have on the inclusion and lives of refugees.

Published: 2022
Recognition and validation of skills for youth gained through sports

Education and employability in and through sport.

Published: 2021



Countries from the Balkan region and from the European Union partnered up to build stronger communities and peaceful societies.



Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme (YIAP) aims to train and empower young people and make them active Ambassadors of Integrity in Sport.



Health and well-being of young people have been two of the more important topics ENGSO Youth has been prioritizing in its strategy over the past years.



SPIRIT project developed a framework for humane, inclusive and empowering coaching and sport clubs that nurture mental well-being.